Monday, 30 November 2009

Made it before nightfall

After a slightly delayed start, with an accident on the A1(M), I went a slightly longer way to York via the M18, M62 and A19. Collected Ritchie, carried on up the A19 to Thirsk, then A1, A66, M6, A7 to Edinburgh.

Carrying on a slightly boring theme, A720 around Edinburgh, M8, M9, Forth Bridge then over towards Stirling onto the A84, A85 and finally A827 to our inn for the night. Got a great sunset picture, some snaps of the raging river next to the inn too. Looks like we are the only guests in tonight !!!! Food looks tasty though.

Weather has been great, dry clear skies all the way from Scotch Corner, but it's rather cold :-/

York traffic

Yay, stuck on the A19 trying to get into York.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

All packed, well almost

Got my bag packed, the batteries for the camera and camcorder are on charge, maps and magazines are ready to go, car washer jets topped up, just need to fuel her up !

Where am I going ? Well heading of up the A1, picking up my roadtrip partner up in York, across the A66, back along the A7, north via the Forth Bridge and A9 to Tayside where we are booked into a pub overlooking the river. Next day push north to Ullapool via all those lovely Scotish A Roads, then work back via some coastal roads to Plockton (yes, location for The Wicker Man), where we have another pub booked, then head back to York the next day via some more coastal roads and perhaps the A68.. Depends on the weather ;-)

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Scottish Breakfast 2 - The Return !

Heading up north again soon, at risk of making the thoughts on these pages an inquest into the state of the breakfast industry, I've spun things around and booked two places that suggest a full cooked breakfast, could these places return Scotland to the fore, could next week be the turning point of Scottish morning catering ? Watch this space as these and other questions are answered !