Monday, 20 September 2010

Polperro, Looe, then Fowey

Whilst Polperro still has that special little charm, it smells of foul water and just feels damp and under invested, Looe had a spritely buzz to it, downed some ice cream on the harbour wall, then randomly visited Fowey, which was very nice, had a good level of investment to make it popular, but not so much to make it naff. Photo above is of course Polperro and after the abysmal picture quality of my old iPhone, I have to say that over the last couple of months found the iPhone 4 camera significantly better at rendering colour and getting good exposure... However, it's still a way to go to match my entry level DSLR !

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Room with a view

Just arrived at the next place, nice view is a good start.

Pasty in Padstow

So there we were, outside Rick Stein's cafe in Padstow and i ask.... what do you fancy to eat Lesley ? Ermmm... I think I fancy a pasty to be honest !!!

It's warm today, but generally overcast... Heading off to our final destination later, it's about an hour from here, just north of Looe.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Coastline walk completed !

And it was well and truly worth it ! About 6-7km, 3hrs walking including 15 minutes in the pub 2/3rds of the way around and a killer of a 1 in 4 hill climb from the pub back to the place we are staying at. Both sat here in our underwear, drinking tea and waiting for each other to get up and run the bath ;-)

Lynton & Lynmouth

Had a few hours in the nearby towns, very pretty and generally unspoilt by the trappings of tourism. Shame that the coast is north facing, because it goes damn cold in the shade, especially with an inshore wind ;-) heading out for a walk along the cliffs and into one of the nearby valleys... The boots are out !

Friday, 17 September 2010

Easy tea tonight

After the high brow food of the last two nights, it's really nice to go back to basics here at the old rectory... Great rooms, lovely hosts, nice food....

The Old Rectory

Arrived about 5pm after a circuit that took us into the Brecon Beacons, down through the valleys, along the M4, across the Second Seven Crossing (the free way) then south via the M5 and back onto the A39 through Bridgwater, Minehead and finally Lynmouth - wow ! Lynmouth looks a little treasure, will be taking a look there in the morning ;-)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Another rich tea !

Phew, tonight... We both had an Amuse Bouche of Tempura Anchovy, with a tomato volute, I then had for starter quail done four ways including as a scotch egg ! Followed by venison and rounded off with a chocolate, hazelnut, salted caramel and apricot ;-) I also had a different wine for each course ! Hic !

Lesley had her fill of fish, with mackerel and White chocolate for a starter, skate with an exotic dressing and salad followed by a strawberry, rhubarb and Rose water sorbet !

Yay ! WiFi Signal !

Yeah OK, I'm missing a few photos, had a day out driving around the Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean, had a couple of short walks, also a walk around Monmouth, which isn't a bad town, although is crying out for wider footways !

Working up to another amazing evening meal from James Sommerin... Link for ya !

BBC Food page on James Sommerin

Out of signal !

So, just got some signal, we arrived late at The Crown last night, took the slow drive down via Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Shrewsbury, Hereford etc.

Room is OK, wifi not working though, food wise, we both had an Amuse Bouche of a quails egg and crispy bacon on a small piece of broche, I then had Red Mullet and Scallop with a ginger and lime dressing, Lesley had lobster, with a cocoa foam and a lobster bisque, for our mains, I had lamb two ways, with smoked loin served with celeriac and some neck served with a herb crumble, Lesley had Pigeon, then for pud, we both had a lovely lemon, blackcurrent and mint creation... All washed down with lovely wine and served with intermediate courses !!!

Great meal !

Sunday, 12 September 2010

See, sunshine in the lakes !

We have survived a whole day without rain in the lakes ! Is this a record ????

Mmmmm.... Scones !

Made it to the top, heading back down...

Great view from the top, shame I couldn't post up there ! Anyways, the route down was very precarious compared to the route up... Back at the Drunken Duck now, having afternoon tea and awaiting our scones ! Ah, this is the life ;-)

Walking we go...

Heading of for a gentle walk up Latterbarrow... Maps, check, walking gear, check, camera, check, Lesley ? Put that DS down, CHECK ;-)

Day Two

Mmmmm.... Great nights sleep, feeling very chilled this morning and looking forward to a gentle walk near Hawkshead... Plus a full English too ;-)

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Day One !

Arrived at The Drunken Duck just before 7pm, quick wash and down for tea... Amuse Bouche of onion and thyme soup, we both tucked into some tasty crusty bread, then scallops, with crisp dried ham and pea purée, Lesley then had halibut, I had pork loin, with black pudding, anna potato and a port reduction and I alone finished off with a apple tart with vanilla ice cream and a very tasty £9.50 dessert wine... Yum !

A few days away

OK, for you nosy ones, here's where we are going...

Sat-Sun - The Drunken Duck Inn - Lake District
Wed-Thu - The Crown at Whitebrook - Monmouthshire < Doesn't open on iPad !
Fri-Sat - The Old Rectory - Exmoor National Park
Sun-Mon - The Well House - Cornwall

Well, we like our food !