Saturday, 12 June 2010

A funny thing happend in the pub

Just bumped into Guy Ritchie... The place we are staying at is his local. He was all dressed up like the country gent, with pretty new girlfriend on one arm, fashion statement spaniel on a lead... Oi! Geezer, any tables for tonite yeah ?

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A tad mixed

Lovely food tonight, excellent wine, but something didn't quite feel right with the place, the staff were great and attentive but the place seemed tired and in need of a boot up the bum to stop it being aloof... Anyways, laid out now chilling.

Arrived in the New Forest

Got here about 5pm, it's gone a bit muggy after a lovely sunny day out in Dorset. We have been to Lulworth Cove, Swanage, Sandbanks and Christchurch today, big news down here is a big new airport terminal... Ohhhh... Had a lovely bath and we are heading down for some food again ;-)

Nice and sunny

The view from the top towards Weymouth... Time for anice cream ;-)

Go west young man

Just got to Lulworth Cove... Going for a walk

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Lamb again

Well who could blame me, lamb and mash, washed down with Rijoa, followed by baked cheesecake washed down with a lovely dessert wine.... Yum... Laid in bed now watching Great British Menu from last week ;-)

Portsmouth isn't so bad afterall

After the shock of old town centre we went down to the Historic Dockyard area, visited HMS Warrior, the adjoining museum and the low headroom HMS Victory, which was all very interesting... Jumped on the harbour tour boat which chugged around the Navy dockyards past UK and US warships then got dropped off at a second dock... Ooohhhh.... What's this, the area around the Spinicer Tower is lovely, loads of shops and resturants, nice streetscapes... Lovely...

Enjoying the shops in Rotherham... Erm, no it's Portsmouth

Odd place Portsmouth, grand entry via a motorway, nice open seafront areas, then you get into the centre and it's like a supersized Rotherham !!! Shocking ;-)

Monday, 7 June 2010

Taking it easy....

Back at the cottage now after dinner. I'm a bit tipsy after drinking almost a full bottle, but laid out watching telly now. Went for a drive this afternoon exploring around Goodwood, drove into the car park of Rolls Royce factory, had a nosy around Chichester too... Waiting to see what the weather brings tommorrow before we decide what to do....

It's so quiet here...

Very quiet down here, just been to Selsey Bill, which is famed from the Madness song, moving further west towards Portsmouth, the Coastal villages seem to get more wealthy and prettier the closer to Portsmouth.... Mmmmm... Suns lovely on my back, the cloulds are inland, we are getting sun from the seaward direction, where there are no cloulds.

Sunny Chichester harbour

Soaking up some sun whilst watching the boats bob up and down.


Mmmmm... Full English and the weather is looking good too. Off to the coast in a bit.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Lesley is on the vino

The lush ! She's hit the wine before 7pm !!!! She's ordered duck salad starter, turbot and crayfish main, I've gone for a beetroot and goats cheese tart and neck of lamb ;-) yummy

Arrived safe and sound, having a coffee

Just under four hours from Sheffield with a small mistake of taking the M3 instead of the A3, we soon got back on track and probably missed a massive traffic jam on the M25. Arrived in East Lavant about 4:15pm, it's 24 degrees, sunny and there is a nice cooling breeze... Yay, holiday !