Thursday, 4 February 2010

Snow business of mine

Perhaps I'm missing something here, but what is it with people today who just panic when it snows ? Back in my youth, its a while back I know, most cars where rear wheel drive, most people drove around fine on the roads, most people didn't embed their car into a nearby wall.

Today, there seems to be a complete lack of respect for the snow and ice, I see people driving like there is nothing scary about driving on a slippery surface, I see drivers spinning their wheels in such a way they just polish the surface for the next car. Its not just about the rear wheel drive mob, its not unusual to see a big BMW or Porsche drive happily up a hill covered in snow, followed by a fidgitty little Corsa or Peugeot, wheels buzzing for all their might, before coming to a standstill halfway up and looking puzzled...

Roll on spring I say, I'm tired of the muppets !

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